BluSEO Coupon Code For Best PBN Host

We chose BluSEO as our third and final choice among the top hosting solutions we looked at. Bluseo host was simply impressive all around as a best pbn web hosting company to go with.

In recent years, they have stormed on to the hosting scene pushing the boundaries of great service and reliability, which is why they are now among the top tiered hosting companies.

In addition to their generous service packages, they deliver quite a few options for website owners that include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and even a shared SSL certificate.

Yet, while they have great service, they have a variety of packages that may or may not be good for savings. In addition, we found that their user-interface was a tad confusing, at least when compared to our top two picks.

Yet, we were still very impressed with bluseo, who will be sure be in the running for the top two places in the coming year or so. It remains our strong third choice recommendation.

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Importance of Uptime For Websites Lulaugasa

Uptime is one of the must under appreciated factors until theres a problem.  For most webmasters, uptime is often taken for granted, but it?s one of the most important factors for your website.  In this article, we?ll take a farther look at what uptime really is, and the underlying importance of it.Just as you might have guessed, uptime is the amount of time a web server can run without any disconnection.  With your website being run non-stop by a server is what allows for your website site visitors to view your site 24/7.

Most hosting companies claim they are running at a 99.9% uptime, but only a select few live up to the claim.  There is not a single web hosting company that can achieve 100% uptime, so make sure you stay clear from any claiming they can.  They?re basically telling the general public that they?re perfect by making such bold statements.

serverDowntime is the complete opposite of uptime.  Downtime occurs when the web hosting companies have to shutdown their servers in-order to maintain their servers and to install security patches.  Web hosting services such as BlueHost usually inform customers in advance.  Downtime can become problematic when it occurs unexpectedly. This is caused by a variety of reasons, such as power failure to technical malfunctions. BlueHost implements contingency plans in-order to deal with these types of situations.  This includes the use of emergency generators and clustered servers that kick in if a single server fails.  As a website owner, you should most certainly want a web hosting provider that can deal with emergencies, especially if your business depends on it.

If your viewers visit your website during a downtime they will not be able to view it, and could cost you tons of money if they go elsewhere.  With over 6 billion internet users world-wide, one minute of downtime could equal thousands of potential dollars lost.  Not only businesses are hurt in the even of downtime, but personal websites also suffer.  As a personal website you may not lose money, but you could lose credibility with your viewers.

BlueHost is well aware of the importance that comes with uptime.  This is one of the main reasons they?ve been in business for over 12 years.  If their servers go down for a long period of time frequently, then they will lose current and potential customers.  Their reputation is something any web hosting company needs to maintain in-order to compete in a very competitive industry. Uptime is very important, but is only one of the reasons we highly recommend BlueHost for you web hosting solution.